Freeplane 心智圖軟體 免費功能卻強大 支援插入圖片、超連結

當我們要執行一個專案或是釐清自己的思緒時,使用心智圖這類的軟體來列出專案所有的路線及預期規劃,以心智圖的方式能夠更完整的將我們的想法具體化,今天要介紹這款 Freeplane 心智圖軟體就是能幫我們完成這些想法的工具,它是知名心智圖軟體 FreeMind 的共同開發者所自行開發的心智圖程式,一樣都是免費使用的自由軟體。

Freeplane 心智圖軟體 免費功能卻強大 支援插入圖片、超連結

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  • Note taking with freely positionable, unconnected nodes (like post-it’s);
  • Ordering ideas (nodes) into a hierarchy connected by lines (edges);
  • Classifying nodes with metadata (attributes) and style types (system styles, user defined styles, level styles);
  • Grouping nodes with visual containers (clouds) and accolade (summary node);
  • Connecting nodes with dynamic links, free lines (connectors) and labels;
  • Automatically styling nodes (with a bubble, color, edge type, etc.) according to hierarchical level and content (conditional styles, automatic edge color, level styles);
  • Structuring nodes in terms of content (text, scientific formula, calculation, icon, image and hyperlink) and presentation area (core, details, notes, attributes, images and tooltip);
  • Changing views by hiding content (folding branches, filtering, roll-up of details and hiding extensions in tooltip), finding, scrolling and navigating;
  • Tasking with calendar and reminders;
  • Password protecting of whole map and of individual nodes with DES encryption;
  • Ease of use with inline- and dialog editors, object oriented main menu, context menu’s, multi-language support, spell checker, properties panel, drag& drop functionality, hot keys, options for batch execution, publishing, sharing and selectable preferences;
  • Approximate Search (similarity search) which allows to find search terms in a text, even if there is no exact match (e.g. “setup” = “set up” or “flie” = “file”).
  • Support for LaTeX formulae underneath/in nodes
  • Easy extension of functionality with add-ons and home made scripts;
  • Integration with Docear academic literature suite;
  • Extensive support through Wiki and Forum; and tutorial and documentation in the form of a mind map.